With the exception of Pre-Shopping, every service comes a la carte! It’s entirely up to you how much you’d like to do and where you’d like to spend the time.


You can also package your time!



Mini Makeover

  • 2 hr Closet Consult ($130/hr)

  • 2 hr PreShop ($95/hr)

  • 2 hr Shop ($130/hr)



TOTAL: $710


(Savings: $35)


Gold Standard

  • 2.5 hr Closet Consult ($130/hr)

  • 2 hr PreShop ($95/hr)

  • 3 hr Shop ($130/hr)



TOTAL: $905


(Savings: $55)

Well Organized Closet

Luxe Touch

  • Up to 4 hr Closet Consult ($130/hr)

  • 3 hr PreShop ($95/hr)

  • Up to 4 hr Shop ($130/hr)



TOTAL: $1325


(Savings: $75)

More Information




  • We work in your closet where you try things on so I can see how everything fits.

  • We take an honest assessment of what you own by discussing the hows and whys around how you wear things, why you wear things, why you bought things, and why you like and don't like things.

  • Through this process, I build a shopping list and help you determine what can be kept, altered, or donated.

  • If there's time permitting I also like to grab some photos of items to help remind me of you tastes.

  • The goals are to start teaching you some tips & tricks as well as finding new ways to style items you already own.



Shopping Mall Escalators
  • Done before or "pre" the Shopping appointment, PreShopping is when I go to the store(s) and pull items that match the shopping list we created and then set them up in a private dressing room. I also pull items not on the shopping list because it helps create full and complete looks.

  • This service is typically scheduled a week after the Wardrobe Consult but no more than 4 weeks later as at the point, we'll both have forgotten everything discussed previously.

  • The goal is to find every item on your list in multiple colorways and sizes, and in styles that I think are "safe" and those that I think are "wild cards". Safe items are ones that I think you'll like and Wild Cards are those that I think match what you've told me about your style, but will stretch your comfort zone.

  • Remember, they're called growing pains for a reason: no one really wants them but they're inherently the only way we grow & learn.



  • This is the fun part! This is where you get to try on everything I've pulled and we play with styling outfits, all while discussing what you like & don't like about everything.

  • It's a faster process as I always pull multiple sizes to find the best fit. Plus, if anything needs sizing later, I can easily run out onto the floor and find it.

  • As we work through everything, I'll keep track of your "yeses" and "maybes" and help you sort through them at the end. My rule for you: Only buy what you love. Only spend what you're comfortable with.

  • I photograph everything you buy and upload, edit, and sort them into your Virtual Closet. Then I style them into several outfits in the virtual Lookbooks section and share it with you.

  • The goal is for you to try things you'd never pull yourself and see how you like it. One good self-checkin you can do is ask yourself "If I was getting dressed in the morning for my day tomorrow, would I actually grab this and wear it?" Your answer will be pretty telling towards your real feelings about that piece.​


Oh PS, I bring champagne and snacks to all my Shopping Appointments! Why? Because trying on clothes for many hours is a physical & emotional endeavor and snacks and drinks are essential to keeping us motivated.

(If you don't drink, no problem. I can always bring sparkling cider instead)



Laptop On Tray
  • Great for first time or current clients.

  • This service is best for event-specific shopping, like for appearances or weddings, or follow-up shopping, like finding items we didn't get Shopping because of a seasonal disadvantage.

  • How it works- I shop several online stores at once, filter my searches by department, size, and price point, and pin items to your page on Hue & Stripe. The idea is that you’ll shop from the page and fill in the remaining gaps of your closet or be ready for your upcoming event. Of course, let me know how it goes!

  • Note that anything you buy through the Hue & Stripe platform yields me a very small commission.