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Services Offered:
Time Committments to Expect:.


  • Wardrobe Consultation .................... 1.5 to 4 hours


  • Pre-Shopping ...................................... 1 - 3 hours


  • Personal Shopping ........................ 1.5 to 4+ hours


  • Online Shopping ............................... 1 to 4 hours


  • Hue & Sripe ..................................... 1 to 3 hours

With the exception of Pre-Shopping, every service can be a la carte! It’s entirely up to you how much you’d like to do and where you’d like to spend the time.


You can also package your time!


  • 2 hr Closet Consult ($130/hr)

  • 2 hr PreShop ($95/hr)

  • 2 hr Shop ($130/hr)



TOTAL: $710


(Savings: $35)

Mini Makeover

  • 2.5 hr Closet Consult ($130/hr)

  • 2 hr PreShop ($95/hr)

  • 3 hr Shop ($130/hr)



TOTAL: $905


(Savings: $55)

Gold Standard

  • Up to 4 hr Closet Consult ($130/hr)

  • 3 hr PreShop ($95/hr)

  • Up to 4 hr Shop ($130/hr)



TOTAL: $1325


(Savings: $75)

Luxe Touch

What's Involved With Each Service?


+ Wardrobe Consult:

It can be a little bit of everything or we can focus on certain aspects. Typically, there’s usually a bit of cleaning out, creating outfits, talking about fit, proportion, silhouette, organization (if needed), making piles of “what to donate”, “what to consign”, “what to store”, and “what to keep”. It’s all done to better streamline your closet and, hopefully, your getting-ready-in-the-morning process. We can always focus our energy more on outfits, pictures, or wherever you’d like the most guidance. I want this entire process to benefit you so speak up for what you want, but also give me the benefit of the doubt and try on some different styles based on what I suggest.


+ Pre-Shopping:

You may have heard this term before as “pulling”. It’s the same idea but more specific to the client, involving strategically shopping several floors of a store (sometimes two stores) and gathering items into a dressing room. I just happen to call it Pre-Shopping because it’s done before- or pre- the Shopping Appointment. This way, you never have to lift a finger and dig through racks of clothes. I do it for you and set up the room with everything you need to see a complete look from head to toe. It will not only be aesthetically appealing when you walk in, but also easy to navigate and try on. Each piece is selected because it was something that was in the right size, style, color, and price point for you- and I thought you’d like to try it. Plus, it’s probably on our shopping list! Granted, there will be some items in there that will stretch your comfort zone but it's through those "growing pains" that I find most clients have the "a-ha!" moments they're looking for.


+ Personal Shopping:

The fun part! I have found that if you open yourself up to new ideas and can see how they flatter your shape, your confidence will shine through. That emotional connection is what I’m looking for and what I'm hoping to hear from you when I ask how you feel in something. Give the items that stretch your comfort zone a chance- never judge something off hanger appearance alone- and if it feels different in a new, interesting way but it's not perfect, revisit it later in the appointment to see if your opinion gets better when it's styled differently. But if something doesn’t just light you up inside, let it go. In the meantime, I’ll make piles of your “yeses” and “maybes” to help make the wrap-up of our time together that much easier. Ultimately, you have the final say but to help guide you, try following my Three Shopping Commandments: 1) Buy only what you love. 2) Spend only what you’re comfortable with. 3) Have fun with it. Following that will not only keep your wallet happy, but your closet happy as well. Just remember, there is nothing superficial about allowing yourself to feel good and strong and confident.


Oh and PS, I bring champagne and snacks to all my Shopping Appointments! If you don't drink, no problem. I can bring sparkling cider instead. Basically, trying on clothes for many hours is a phsycial endeavor and snacks are important to help keep us feeling good. The cider and champage is there because if you’re going to take the time to make this type of investment in yourself, why not do it the lux way? Feel free to let me know any snack requests too. I typically offer Luna Bars and fruit.


+ Online Shopping:

This service works best for event-specific shopping, such as weddings or appearances, and follow-up links, such as for items we didn’t find during our Shopping Appointment because of a seasonal disadvantage. How it works- I shop several online stores at once, filter my searches accordingly, find the items we’re looking for, and then start copy/pasting the images into the body of an email, add in some notes and comments such as where to buy and how much, link it, then send the entire email off to you. The idea is that you’ll shop from this email and fill in the remaining gaps this way. Of course, let me know how it goes!


+ Hue & Stripe:

A completely new service but one that has yielded great, positive feedback. It's essentially an interactive tool that helps me manage your closet and send you Lookbooks all based on items you currently or newly own. I simply take photos of the items you have- most often captured during a Wardrobe Appointment or after a Personal Shopping Appointment- and then upload them to this website where I edit and categorize each piece. I tend to divide generally at first (i.e. Tops, Shoes, Jackets) and then more specifically with the more clothes you have (i.e. Sleeveless Tops, Pullover Sweaters). I can also name the categories to whatever helps you best, just let me know. Once I've finished editing/categorizing, I start creating Lookbooks by dragging and dropping the images into a set. I'm currently only allowed 8 items per set so I maximize the space by giving you a foundation (i.e. pants, jacket, shoes) and then fill in the remaining spaces with tops that will work or maybe an accessory or two. I then repeat that same idea throughout each Lookbook to show you how versatile your clothes really are. It also illustrates several of the potential outfits you can create simply from the pieces you have. The website is completely private and by invitation only so you'll never be exposed and no one else will be able to see your information except you and me.

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