About Me

Amanda is a Wardrobe Wizard serving the entire Bay Area. Her passion for fashion was just too strong to ignore and in her fourth year at San Francisco State, she took a chance and switched majors from Psychology to Apparel Design. It was the first step towards living her dream of becoming a personal stylist. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree, Amanda made sure every move she made was a step closer to achieving the dream. She spent several years in retail, learning and growing her skillset to style any type of customer with every type of body. In 2010, she left retail to join Beyond Black to continue serving clients with a more personalized touch. She has gone on to become the sole business owner and has assisted over 100+ clients. She specializes in helping people through streamlined styling processes, covering everything from editing a wardrobe, to identifying the best fit by body type, to educating clients on the appropriate brands and stores that would be best suited for their style, size, and budget.



Cell: 805.451.5817

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